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Collections of ArticlesDon't Think About Monkeys On-Line Magazine - is mostly devoted to TS, but it includes some OCD-related articles:

"Tears and Triumphs of a Young Soul" - excerpts from the journal of Michael Chapman, a youngster diagnosed with TS and OCD.

"Therapy Approaches, Part One" - John S. Hilkevich, M.A. (now Ph.D.!), on therapeutic advocates.

HealthyPlace OCD Community Conference Transcripts (of on-line chats, moderated by David Roberts and with questions from the audiences):

"Getting the Best Treatment For OCD" - with Dr. Gerald Tarlow. "Getting Control of Your Obsessions and Compulsions" - with Dr. Lee Baer.

"What To Do About the Obsessions Part of OCD" - with Dr. Michael Jenike. "Anxiety and OCD Medications" - with Dr. Carol Watkins.

"OCD and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy" - with Dr. Michael Gallo.

"OCD Medications and Therapy" - with Dr. Alan Peck.

"How to Help Patients with OCD" - with James Claiborn, Ph.D.

InteliHealth - home of Johns Hopkins Health Information, has links to some articles on OCD. (You might need to register first, but access is free.)

Internet Mental Health: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - has, on-line, a number of OCD articles originally published in The Harvard Mental Health Letter.

Mental Health for Teens - has articles by Elizabeth Drucker on her experiences as a teen suffering from OCD and other anxiety disorders.

OCD - is a small collection of essays on OCD and the movie, As Good As It Gets. Click on the .HTM files to see the essays. (The links in the Table of Contents don't work.)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - - is a collection of columns by Cherlene Pedrick, R.N.; the site also features links to OCD resources on the Internet and its own web-based discussion group.

OCD Support Group of New Zealand - has its newsletters on-line in PDF format. Pediatric Psychiatry Pamphlets - Dr. Jim Chandler's comprehensive overviews of various childhood anxiety disorders, including OCD. An essential site for parents of children who suffer from anxiety disorders.

Western Suffolk Psychological Services - has a collection of articles on OCD, trichotillomania, depression, etc. Many of the articles are by Dr. Fred Penzel, a frequent contributor to the OCF Newsletter.


United States Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation - the OCD organization. Visit and join!

OCF of the San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA)

OCF of Jacksonville (Florida, USA)

OCF of Metropolitan Chicago (Illinois, USA)

OCF of Greater Boston (Massachussetts, USA)

OCF of Michigan (USA)

NJ Affiliate of the OCF (New Jersey, USA)

Philadelphia Affiliate of the OCF (Pennsylvania, USA)

OCF of Western Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania, USA)

Awareness Foundation for OCD and Related Disorders - founded by (among others) James Callner, maker of the films The Touching Tree and The Risk. The foundation offers workshop speakers, films/videos, and books; some video clips are available on the web site.

Clutterers Anonymous - a 12-step program for dealing with hoarding.

Long Island OCD Support Network - will boost your spirits just by reading the home page! (Long Island, New York, USA)

Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous - a 12-step program for OCD sufferers.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Association of Dallas/Fort Worth - sponsors various activities, publishes a newsletter, and runs a support group. (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

Obsessive Compulsive Information Center - "a resource for information on obsessive compulsive disorder and related disorders ... more than 15,000 references on file". You can contact the Center's librarians to perform literature searches, to get bibliographies, and to get copies of individual articles. Simple queries are free; more complex ones cost money. Guide books and information packets are also available for sale. OCIC is part of the non-profit Madison Institute of Medicine.

Our Courage Defines Us (OCDU) - an "informational and support source for sufferers" of OCD. The organization publishes a quarterly newsletter; the articles from the first issue are on-line. The web site also features a message board and chat room; you need to register (for free) in order to access them.